About Us

Always Sunny Realty was a dream and vision of the company founder Sunny Dhingra. Always Sunny Realty is an innovative company with a team concept. Our team was hand picked with different skill sets: Toni Naill retired from the County Treasurer’s office, Carolyn Hipp worked in advertising, Amanda Easterday was a marketing coordinator and Ron Kibler is a business owner with years of experience in sales.

Sunny’s vision for the company was the formation of a real estate team. Five individuals, five licensed realtors from different backgrounds meshed into one team with one mission. Our goal is to make every real estate transaction go smoothly with constant communication, making it an easy and worry-free experience for our clients. You’re never waiting to get the answers you need because one person isn’t in the office, you always have a team of five working for you. We’d love for you to take a tour of our unique office and experience the difference at Always Sunny Realty.